Mohamed Vall Ould Yahya

Tel. : +971554033670

31 years old, married with one child,
Nationality: Mauritanian

Travel and Culture Business:
Algeria, Mauritania, Mali, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, UAE

Professional Use of languages​​:
Arabic,  English,  French,  Moor,  Wolof,
Current      Fair      Good    Good     Fai


Master Degree in Energy and Environmental System (the energy and renewable energy).
State Engineer in Mechanical Engineering Option conditioning (electromechanical).


2008/2009: Preparation of Professional Master (MBA) in management and entrepreneurship at Institute of Education in Administration and Business Creation (IFACE) at UCAD - DAKAR.

2006-2007: Preparation and Obtaining Master of Research in Thermal Energy Systems and Environment (the energy renewable) to Higher Polytechnic School - Dakar.

From 2001 to 2006: Preparing and Obtaining Engineer in Air condition Option (electromechanical) to the University of Bechar - Algeria.

1999 to 2001 Preparation of Senior Technician in industrial maintenance (maintenance of industrial plants) to the Algerian Institute of Petroleum, Oran, Algeria.

1998: Baccalauréat C (Math., Physics / Chemistry, Natural Sciences)
First to promote High School Boutilimit – Mauritania

• 01/02/2002 to 30/04/2002: Training on Office in Enterprise SIMS Bechar (Word, Excel, Access database with advanced options).  

• 15/07/2002 to 15/08/2002: Workshop on Internet connections to the Internet Centre of the Government in Nouakchott (internet, FTP, HTML and management of Internet services). 
• 2005-2006: Use the Design Office Building Saoura Bechar (Studies projects and supervision of works for the region of Bechar).
• 04/08/2006 to 04/09/2006: training in technology active and passive solar cooling for the building to the Office of Climate Studies Mauritania Nouakchott (Rural Development of a prototype solar cooling). 
• 27/07/2007 to 26/09/2007: Assistant to the Head of Studies Department for Enterprise Cold Cape Verde to Dakar (cooling of the building, proposed construction TAMARIS Villa 8 rooms, air conditioning of R 10, air conditioning Great Mosque of 1184 sq ft and another ...).
• 2008 accomplishments of private study for offices and companies (private consulting for friends to BE and businesses).
• 02/01/2009 at 28/02/2009 internship in his department of engineering, architecture and office buildings, ASECNA. "Energy and Economic Study for the comparison between a VRV system and other facility features three air conditioning systems (CTA + IC + GPEG) Building of Regional Air Navigation Centre of Dakar."
• 2 to 13 August 2009 Teacher training to INAP-FTP, Nouakchott
• 18/01/2010 at 04/03/2010 pedagogical and technical training in the refrigeration and air conditioning in Casablanca Morocco OFPPT Certificate
• Head of energy department Wimex Technologies' System Integrator Systems Integrator Telecommunications, Computer,


Software Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, MS-PROJECT. (With advanced options)
Software specialties: Comsol, FLUENT, Coolpack, TRNSYS, RETScreen Ecodial, HVAC Solution, Aotucad, Revit MEP.
Programming: Fortran, Pascal, Matlab.


Business Management
Ø Project Management
Ø Marketing
Ø International Trade
Ø Business Consulting
Ø Communication Skills


ü Study of Installation of Ventilation and Air Conditioning (study design). Memory State Engineer in HVAC University of Bechar Algeria in June 2006.
ü Solar Refrigeration from a source of low temperature solar thermal Placement report to the Office of Climate Studies Mauritania Nouakchott - September 2006.
ü Design and Modeling elements of a bank of air conditioning for the study of air fresheners by water evaporation. Master's Thesis II Research Laboratory of Applied Energy (LEA) in Dakar ESP - September 2007.


v Renewable Energy, Climate, HVCA, Cultures People, Sports.


October 2005 participation in the 7th International Seminar on Energy Physics SIPE7 (Bechar, Algeria)
June 2006 Participation in the seminar on remote sensing and their application on Climate Change (Dakar Senegal)
July 2007 presentation at the seminar how to create a business enterpreneurship (Dakar Senegal)
Participation in November 2008 to 15 th International Workshop of Thermal (Tangier Morocco)
April 2009 Participation in the seminar on energy information technology systems of Senegal (Dakar Senegal)
Participation in the June 2009 World Environment Day, 2009 Edition (Dakar Senegal)

.... And other

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